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Proposed Testimony to Help #RaiseTheProof

As those with an interest in Ohio craft beer know, HB 68 is before Ohio's House of Representatives seeking to #RaiseTheProof of beer manufactured and sold in Ohio from 12% ABV to 21% ABV.  This legislation was first introduced in 2011, but supporters are hopeful proponent testimony before the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee on June 23, 2015 will help move the bill along.

In recent sponsor testimony, Rep. Dan Ramos indicated this bill was about more than alcohol percentages.

Technicalities aside, first and foremost, this is a business bill. In many communities across this state, these breweries are more than just places that make beer.  They are small businesses moving into abandoned warehouses in dilapidated historic downtowns when nobody else will.  In many communities, we have witnessed the rebirth of these districts thanks to the hard work of these businesses.  With this growth, we see more jobs, both at the brewery and around it.  In many cases we see increased population in a once forgotten neighborhood, more foot traffic, and increased property values.  This is happening in big cities and small towns.

If the bill becomes law, breweries may begin making beer up to 21% ABV, but may not sell or distribute beer greater than 12% ABV for one year.

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