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Increased Ohio Craft Distillery Production One Step Closer to Reality

In October, OBC reported on the introduction of HB 351 in the Ohio legislature.  As introduced, HB 351 sought:

  1. To increase the capacity of spirits a craft distillery (A-3a permit) is permitted to produce annually from 10,000 to 200,000 gallons, and
  2. To give craft distilleries the ability to obtain an A-1-A permit and operate a full bar and serve food in the distillery.

HB 351 was referred to the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee on October 7.  Interestingly, the Committee proposed amended language increasing the annual production of spirits only to 100,000 gallons instead of the original proposed increase to 200,000 gallons.  Last week, the Committee voted 11-0 to pass the bill as amended.  

HB 351 is a step in the right direction to put craft distillers on equal footing with craft brewers.  Hopefully, this recent momentum will continue allowing the bill to become law.

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