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The Proof is in the Permit - Ohio's Craft Distilleries Poised to Expand

As of September 28, 2016, craft distilleries began a new chapter in their potential growth in Ohio.  No longer are they limited to the production of 10,000 gallons per year or 1/2 ounce samples of their spirits.  Now, they can welcome consumers with open arms, food, a taproom and a full bar...with the proper permit of course.

Am. HB 351 resulted in changes to two existing Ohio laws.  First, it amended R.C. 4303.041(A) increasing an A-3a permit holder's yearly production from 10,000 gallons to 100,000 gallons (initial legislative attempts sought an increase to 200,000 gallons).  Second, it amended R.C. 4303.021(A) to allow an A-3a permit holder to obtain an A-1-A and serve a full bar and food.

As of October 15, 2016, 39 A-3a permits have been issued by the Division of Liquor Control, 4 of which have already applied for an A-1-A permit.  An additional 15 A-3a permits are pending with the State.  The cost of an A-3a permit is $2 per fifty-gallon barrel.  The cost of an A-1-A permit is $3,906.

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