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OBC Field Trip No. 9 (Platform Beer Co.)


The moment you step inside Platform Beer Co.'s tasting room in Ohio City (the unofficial Brewery District of Cleveland) you know you're someplace special. Founded in 2014, Platform quickly garnered the attention of consumers and set a path to support and facilitate the growth of #ohiocraftbeer. 

A two-pronged mission drives Platform's success.

  1. Brew tasty beers for sale in our tasting room and at your favorite bar and/or restaurant.
  2. Create opportunity for those who wish to begin a career in the brewing industry.

As to tasty beers, consumers in NEO have spoken.  Platform recently placed 3rd out of 34 in Cleveland.com's Best Craft Brewery Contest.  OBC walked in delighted at the broad, unique and balanced array of Platform's offerings. OBC walked out with a big grin (after tasting Black Eagle, a smoked rauchbier) and a six pack of New Cleveland Palesner (hybrid pilsener/pale ale). 


Platform doesn't just create great beer, they seek to help facilitate the creation of great breweries -- a mission near and dear to OBC's heart.  To accomplish this, Platform created a brewery incubator, which in their own words:

"We give brewers the opportunity to have their homebrewed recipes enjoyed by the general public; a dream come true for an accomplished brewer.  We also have them train hands-on with our brewmaster, bump up their home recipe to a 3 bbl pilot batch and shadow our staff during all facets of the brewing process.  We also help them create a business plan, develop financial projections, work with logo/design team and guide them through the regulatory hurdles associated with the beer industry."

Platform's first incubator alumnus is Ferndock Brewing Company, a brewery in planning in Sandusky. Currently, West East Brewing Co. occupies its incubator for the 12-week program. The application process for its next incubator participant will be open soon, and oh yeah, it's FREE!

NEO and the entire State of Ohio is lucky to call Platform Beer Co. one of its own.  OBC can't wait to see what beer (or brewery) Platform creates (facilitates) next!  Cheers!