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OBC Field Trip #6 - The Brew Kettle

Hungry, Emily correctly directed our attention (and stomachs) to the "Triple Pig."  If lovin' a 12-inch, Cuban style sandwich filled with thinly sliced smoked pork loin, pulled pork, bacon, topped with Carolina style BBQ sauce, served with a side of fries and slaw is wrong, we don't want to be right!

Located 16 miles south of downtown Cleveland, The Brew Kettle (est. 1995) stakes its claim as Ohio's first brew-on-premise microbrewery.  While OBC was not in town to brew, it certainly was in town to sample TBC's smokehouse and taproom offerings.

With hunger pains resolved, we turned our attention to The Brew Kettle's 30 taps - 11 of which were its own.  We sampled Black Rajah and All for One, a limited release session IPA celebrating fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  One sip and we were #AllinCLE.  The Brew Kettle will now be a consistent stop when traveling in the greater Cleveland area.  Cheers!