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OBC Field Trip #5 - MadTree Brewing Company

OBC recently took a field trip to MadTree Brewing Company in Cincinnati. Established in 2013, MadTree is the first modern craft brewery to can their beer in the state of Ohio. Even more impressive is the beer inside those cans. MadTree cans are widely available in stores and OBC encourages you to seek them out for your next beer-appropriate event.

MadTree's beers are legion. Thirteen varieties were available during our trip. OBC sampled Sprye (Rye Pale Ale), Rollin on Dubbs (Belgian Dubbel), Ye Olde Battering Ram (Dark Barley Wine), Dreamsicle (Kolsch with Orange Peel and Vanilla), Fleurs Mortes (Saison with Honey and Chamomille) and Johnny 5 (Experimental Session Ale). OBC agreed all sampled beers were of the highest quality, but the Johnny 5, without a doubt, made us feel most alive.

We enjoyed our trip and are sure to return to sample the wildly popular Citra High when it becomes available again.  Cheers to MadTree!