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OBC Field Trip to Hairless Hare Brewery -- Vandalia, Ohio

OBC took an official visit to Hairless Hare Brewery on a fine March day.  Those of you in the Dayton Metroplex are familiar with one of the local Ford dealer's ads trumpeting its location:  "National Road....Vaaandaalia!"  Hairless Hare is right down the street from said dealership and has a nice open feel.  And, more importantly, the beer is mighty tasty!  Highlights for OBC were the Wired Hare, a coffee collab with Boston Stoker Coffee Roasters, and the Rye the Hell Knot (a nice rye based American IPA).  The staff was friendly and a good Wednesday crowd.  Cheers to Matt Harris and Mike Legg!  See you next time!  #OBC #ohiobeer